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  • Channel-tag, together with the world!

    In this special time when the whole world is fighting against the epidemic, we Channel-tag, as one of the suppliers of anti-theft electronic tags, will also do our part to cheer for the world! With a serious and responsible attitude towards each order, we will not delay the delivery of any order....
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  • Development prospect of electronic anti-theft system

    EAS system is a high-tech electronic anti-theft device system, which can effectively protect goods and prevent the theft of goods. EAS consists of three main parts: Sensor, Deactivator, and Electronic Tag. Electronic tags are divided into soft tags and hard tags. The development of EAS in China, ...
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  • How to choose the supermarket security door

    Nowadays, all kinds of clothing security door alarm is widely used by clothing stores, the types of security door is more and more, so we should be careful to choose safe, reliable security products. At present, most of the clothing door alarm is installed AM alarm, because the RF alarm is more i...
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  • Electronic shelf labels – flexible pricing change

    Compared with traditional paper labels, electronic shelf labels have obvious advantages. One is that, with the background operating system, stores can change prices with one click, changing thousands of tags in a minute is not a problem, and data errors are reduced. Seco...
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  • RF Label

    With more than 10 years of production experience in electronic anti-theft labels, our RF Label also has high performance. Our products not only have high production capacity, but also carry out full inspection, which can guarantee the high quality of products and greatly reduce the rate of defect...
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  • New products:Electronic shelf labels(ESL)

    The arrival of the digital era, our company will also usher in the product upgrade. Electronic shelf labels, or ESL, are electronic displays placed on shelves that can replace traditional paper price tags. ESL abolished the previously used for a long time, by hand to rep...
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  • High performance new spider wrap tag

    Now the product packaging is a kaleidoscope, for some special products we also have specific anti-theft products. For boxed products, for example, our spider wrap tag is specially designed to protect such products, because its shape is similar to that of a spider, we als...
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  • High quality anti-theft products make theft impossible

    Today's market theft behavior is still everywhere, the most critical is the security facilities are not perfect. Security features include not only monitoring and alarm systems, but also security labels. Channeltag has been committed to the research and development of an...
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  • The birth and application of multi-function detacher

    After years of technical precipitation and market accumulation, Channeltag's anti-theft products have been widely applied to a variety of large shopping malls and supermarkets, and its strength has been recognized by customers around the world. With anti-theft products, ...
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