supermarket & hypermarket solution

Loss prevention
Security problem has always been an important issue to Supermarket & Hypermarket.Channel,in combination with their highly innovative and many years’experiences provides supermarkets with a variety of solutions (EAS Anti-Theft Antennas,EAS tags,safes,Electronic protectons etc.)to effertively protect all of their articles.
Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems
in the market.RF(radio frequency)and AM(acoustics-magnetic)are the most common EAS technologies for Supermarket & Hypermarket.Each of the systems has its advantages.

RF 8.2MHz
RF systems operate at the frequency of detects all type of RF 8.2MHz tags and labels,with good detection performance.RF systems boast the lowest power consumption and label costs.RF labels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes,which makes them perfect suit for different size of merchandise packaging.