ESL electronic price tag, four advantages in warehouse management

According to relevant surveys, Europe and the United States, Australia, The Middle East Turkey, Asia, Japan and South Korea and other countries, the market penetration rate of electronic shelf labels has reached about 10%, the relatively mature development of France, the penetration rate has reached more than 30%.

Although the penetration rate of The Chinese market is only about 5%, the birth of the concept of “new retail” makes enterprises attach more importance to electronic price tag technology.

However, electronic price tag as the core of information solutions, its application scenarios and development potential is not limited to retail scenarios.

For example, the warehouse supply chain associated with the retail scenario can be optimized while supporting the new omni-channel fulfillment needs, which is critical for front-end retail to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Then, what are the specific advantages of shelf electronic labels used in the storage scenario?How does that affect front-end retail?

1, paperless operation, green environmental protection

Each change of the content of traditional paper labels will not only take a lot of time, but also consume a lot of paper materials. The service life of electronic labels on storage shelves can be as long as 5-10 years, so there is no need to waste paper and they are green and more environmentally friendly.

2. Warehouse management is precise and efficient

In the past, traditional paper labels can only be recorded, and when goods are replaced, workers are required to replace the labels one by one. The common form of storage shelf electronic labels applied in warehouse shelves is mainly storage shelf electronic label picking system.

With a series of loading on the cells for the shelves of electronic display device (rfid) instead of picking orders, storage shelves electronic tag indicates the item and quantity, to cherry-pick help pick up the goods personnel work, so as to effectively reduce the picking error rate, speed up the picking, improve work efficiency, reasonable arrangement of picking people walking routes.

3. Shorten the training cycle

Warehouse management occupies the core position of enterprise logistics links, involving warehousing, sorting, inventory, warehousing and other aspects, the amount of information required for training and learning is very large.

Therefore, in order for major enterprises to realize intelligent storage management and greatly shorten the training cycle of relevant personnel in the Internet era of efficiency, a perfect electronic label system is essential.

4. Personnel positioning and asset management

With electronic warehouse card management system as the core, Green Technology integrates Bluetooth base station equipment, electronic tags, sensors, positioning tags and cloud platform to provide visual, controllable and efficient management solutions for warehousing.

It not only meets the basic needs of electronic labels to change goods information remotely and quickly, but also further realizes functions such as warehouse management, personnel positioning and asset management.

In general, compared with traditional sorting methods, storage shelf electronic label picking system makes picking goods become a simple labor, pickers only need to complete three actions: look, pick and press, reducing 50% of the operation process.

In the scattered goods sorting and distribution of the advantages of other sorting methods can not be compared, so in the commercial chain, medicine circulation, household appliances, electronic assembly, food and beverage, auto parts and other industries have a wide application prospect.


Post time: Oct-15-2021