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Through systematic grinding process and strict process quality control, the wear-out tool can be restored to a complete and new state. Repair and renovate every time to prolong the service life. Practical data show that reasonable tool grinding can save you more than 50% of the total cost of tool investment.

Tool grinding not only helps you save investment and reduce tool stock, but also effectively avoids material waste, saves resources and protects the environment. The tool grinding service provided by Roy Company helps you realize your dream easily!
You just need to contact the nearest Noy agent to restore your tool as new as ever!

The company provides grinding services for a variety of tool products, including:


Monolithic cemented carbide bit


Integral carbide end milling cutter


Integral cemented carbide stepped drill


Integral carbide reamer

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Linking up with Modern Quotient Management

Please put the tool you need to grind into the packing box, and pay attention to prevent the tool from bumping.

Fill in the grinding tool requirements and dimensions, and put them together with the tool packaging.

Let's leave the rest to us. The grinding team will repair your tool and send it back to you.