What are the benefits of smart electronic price tags and why do they exist?

The product of intelligent electronic price tag was originally born to replace paper labels.In France, 60% of the price tags are switched to electronic ones, and domestic penetration is only about 10%.

At this point, you may say that because the foreign labor is expensive, so they use electronic price tags;Domestic labor costs are low, so it is not troublesome to use labor to replace the price tag, and the cost is similar.

In fact, the labor cost is only part of it, but more important is the cloud platform, which is the key to marketing.As a mall, the biggest source of profit is customer flow, followed by getting existing customers to buy more products.

The geographical environment not only limits the customer flow of the mall, but also online sales and door-to-door delivery can only serve a limited range of customers.So, the key is to let consumers come to buy more is the real skill.

How to market customers becomes extremely important, such as putting promotional products in front of customers, and the price can be adjusted promotion at any time.Qian Dama, a chain of fresh food stores, does just that, promoting goods according to the time period and constantly adjusting the price of goods.

At this point, if you use a smart electronic price tag, it becomes easy.