Unmanned supermarket anti-theft pain point, how to prevent things from being stolen

Shopping is a cycle. Technological innovation has changed people’s original way of shopping.

In the early stage, due to the lack of information, people relied on offline large department stores and supermarkets to purchase goods. Online e-commerce, with its innovative procurement mode and convenient payment method, emerged as a dark horse and completely overturned people’s shopping life.

Consumers with more disposable income are looking for new shopping patterns to emerge, as record-breaking sales at major e-commerce events focus their shopping efforts at one point.

Different goods are equipped with different anti-theft labels, from the door to the checkout out, are all intelligent, is also all anti-theft.

Mature electronic anti-theft system of goods, self-cashier demagnetization technology and other mature applications, so that businesses more at ease, customers more comfortable.


Post time: Sep-08-2021