Electronic shelf label — the key breakthrough in the intelligence and digitalization of new retail stores

(1) Improve business efficiency and save time and cost.
Electronic shelf label simplifies the traditional paper label through manual application, price adjustment, printing, and then to the front of the shelf to replace the label these complex work process, save labor cost and time cost, improve the operation efficiency. At the same time, it can improve the image of the store and bring more customers to the store.
(2) Flexible price adjustment system
In the e-commerce operation, there is a kind of promotion activity called seckill, which can be realized only by changing the price on the webpage in the background. However, this kind of promotion method cannot be realized in new retail or traditional enterprises, because there are a large number of physical stores offline, so it is impossible to change all the prices in a moment. And the use of electronic shelf labels, businesses can through the background operation to achieve a key price adjustment, in order to cooperate with flexible promotional activities.
(3) Flexible cargo space management.
In brick-and-mortar retailers, where shelves are constantly changing, electronic shelf tags allow employees to locate items more quickly.


Post time: Sep-29-2020