The rapid growth of retail economy leads to a wide variety of commodities, the application of supermarket anti-theft system is also growing, and the market value of anti-theft soft label closely related to it is also rising. It is predicted that security anti-theft labels will become the industry’s fastest growing labels in the next 10 years, and the use of DR label will only take up an increasing proportion.
Security anti-theft soft label is not only anti-theft, it can also provide a better customer experience for store operation; Compared with hard tags, DR label production costs are lower.The use of DR labels and more anti-theft soft labels, on the one hand, to ensure the safety of goods, on the other hand, small specifications, do not affect the display of goods beautiful, more goods can be provided to shoppers on the shelves, rich goods can fully meet the demand, and finally achieve an increase in sales.


Post time: Aug-27-2020